what's all this then?

hi, i'm mags! i'm eighteen, all pronouns, and i draw and say shit! i also love clowns, and the color pink (^O^) i will warn you that i don't know much about coding, so this site's going to be a little strange probably while i'm figuring things out.

i know what i'm doing here, but what are you doing here?

my purpose here is just to ramble, to be honest. i want to write reviews here and talk about my thoughts and just yell into the void for a bit. must scream, will do it here.

ye old fun factes

☁ gonna be honest. not sure what to put here. genuinely not this interesting lmao

can i find you anywhere else?

yep! i'm on pretty much every other site as somehowmags!

alright that's it. have fun now lol